75:25 Transport Vision

The Green Party will spend three times more on public transport than roads if it formed part of the next government.

The Greens want to radically reprioritise Transport 21. Some 76% of Transport 21 funding to date has been invested in roads, with only 24% going to public transport. The Green Party will reverse this trend, investing in public transport over roads by a ratio of 3:1, and prioritising major public transport projects such as Metro North and the Dart Interconnector.

We advocate investment in environmentally sustainable transport modes. This means investing in public transport rather than building new high spec roads. And it means proper planning over urban sprawl and championing carbon free means of travel such as cycling and walking in our towns and cities."

Our economic circumstances mean that we must do more with less. And we must use the opportunity in front of us to break the link between oil and economic prosperity. With oil reaching a price of $104 per barrel today – a new high in two years – it is clear that we cannot continue to have our transport systems dependent on imported fossil-fuels.

If part of the next government, the Green Party will: improve our rail network; deliver a smart, reliable bus service in our towns and cities; extend light rail and bus rapid transit services; work to achieve safer roads and cleaner cars; promote cycling and walking; support an integrated rural transport network; encourage sustainable transport towns; and work to achieve better transport planning and regulation.

 Download the policy document here.

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