Oil Free by 2030

Our dependence on oil is an expensive habit, costing us over €6bn per year. It also damages the environment and increases our carbon emissions. Most importantly, oil is a finite resource. We know that we are nearing peak oil production and that a sharp decline in reserves will follow. We are therefore compelled to plan for the future, we have a duty to secure our energy independence for future generations.  

The implementation of Green Party policy over the past three and a half years has already set us on the road to achieving an oil free economy. We have instigated a series of initiatives aimed at securing the future of Ireland’s energy supplies and positioning Ireland as a world leader in green, home-grown energy.

By phasing out our use of oil, Ireland can secure our energy supply, rebuild our economy and promote the development of sound growth driven by new environmentally friendly technologies and creating new business opportunities for Irish industry.
In short, the phase-out of oil can secure Ireland's position as one of the world’s leading nations in sustainable development.

As part of the next government, the Green Party will roll out a strategy to set Ireland on the road to being an oil free economy by 2030.

The Green Party will work to ensure that our economic recovery and future prosperity are built on solid and sustainable foundations. We will prioritise fairness and sustainability at all times.

 Download the policy document here.

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