Better leadership

The Green Party believes that our current political and public service system has failed the people. The depth of the crisis that the country finds itself at the moment requires reform at all levels of public life. It is simply not enough to make changes to taxes and spending and hope that a similar situation will not materialise in the future.

We need radical reform.

The people's perception of politicians has reached an all time low and people feel dislocated from the democratic process.

The Green Party is a different kind of political party – we have never accepted corporate donations and as a result we are not beholden to big business, developers, banks, unions and other vested interests. We want a democracy that truly represents the needs and entitlements of the population as a whole and not just a small, exclusive group.

Over the past three years we have set about implementing a comprehensive programme of political reform. But we have only just begun.

We want to continue in our work repairing our political and public service system so that they can be restored to a position of honour and respectability both at home and on the world stage. Our vision for the next government sees this radical reform programme as being absolutely crucial.

 Download the policy document here.

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