Show me the money, FG!

Trevor Sargent has accused Fine Gael of doing a complete U-turn within an hour of making grand promises for political transparency. The Dublin North TD said the party has promised to ban corporate donations and make public their accounts but within an hour of this, they were refusing to provide any information on their sources of funding.

"During a television debate at TV3, Fine Gael grandee Frank Flannery said that their accounts were available at their headquarters for anybody to see. So my party colleague and Dublin North Central candidate Donna Cooney took Frank up on his offer of transparency, but the Fine Gael door was shut firmly in her face."

[Watch the video on YouTube here]

"Donna visited the party's HQ on Dublin's Mount Street and asked to view whatever accounts they had. After being left on the doorstep, she was finally handed a press release. When she asked to see the accounts and details of their donations, she was told to leave and the door slammed shut. This is the real face of Fine Gael's transparency."

"The Green Party is the only party who wants to ban corporate donations, reduce limits, strengthen the powers of political regulation and make the publication of political party accounts mandatory."

"Other political party's are late and belated converts to political reform. And from Fine Gael's antics today, they still don't get it. They are happy to have transplanted the Galway tent to Castlebar and to hide under the canvas."

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