Day one (24 to go)

So that was day one of the 2011 general election campaign.

While we've been preparing for the eventuality of elections since before our party members voted on the renewed programme for government back in October 2009, there's nothing quite like live television links to Áras an Uachtaráin to really focus the mind.

TV sets were glued to the concluding speeches of the 30th Dáil, before Brian Cowen made the trip up to the park.

Immediately after speaking in the Dail, John went out onto Merrion Square to shinny up a ladder and get the green postering campaign off to a start.

Green Chairman Dan Boyle wrote on facebook

And so we have the end of the 30th Dáil. A time of fascination but more particularly a time of massive readjustment where previous expectations collapsed and many people have been confronted with great difficulty. There is a lot of anger and much of it justified, but it we cannot be without hope. Much remains good about this country and that's wht we have to work on to make things better.

Ciaran Cuffe came to work this morning fully prepared to hit the ground running and was out as soon as the Dail dissolved with an arm-full of cable ties and posters. He uploaded a quick clip to his YouTube channel.


Mary White posted a campaign video update from Kilkenny and Eamon Ryan has uploaded his excellent campaign launch speech from Saturday, and here's a round up of today's evening TV news coverage.

And now, while our candidates direct their postering crews and tweak their leaflets, we will be getting things ready for our campaign launch on Thursday.

Update: just in - somebody else is obviously also burning the midnight oil. Read Ciaran's latest blog post here - And they're off.

People-powered politicsP.P.S. Forgot to include an infographic on the size of the various parties' election war chests, compared to their size in the outgoing Dail. Will we see the best government money can buy?

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